Dayze & Dupree, All Is Possible With Footwork


The R&B hip-hop duo Dayze & Dupree, based out of Inland Empire, California, are two voices with one sound. With their similar taste in music inspired by the best of R&B and hip-hop’s hottest artists, these two managed to create a sound unique and pleasant to the ear. With their catchy beats and memorable hooks, it hard to deny that these two have what it takes to make it in this tough-competitive business known as the music industry. Side by side they have fought through the doubt and unbelief of those around them keeping focus on the goal that knew is possible. After years of stress and heartache from family and friends, both Dayze and Dupree found a way to channel their energy in a positive, yet expressive, way that seems to have captured many listeners attention.

The first single from their debut album is expected to drop late 2014 to early 2015 is titled “Stranger” which is sung by Dayze and seems to be a hit with the ladies. The song is a slow cut that automatically catches your attention from beginning to end with its strong hook and pleasant harmonies. The second single titled “Patron Shots” has also seemed to keep the people out their seats. The jam has hard-hitting bass drums and vocal combinations between the rapper and singer that is sure to keep a club jumping.

What we like most about this group is their discretion of words. Although some songs can get edgy, they try to make music that their kids can one day hear and be proud of. Over anything they love what they do and with they’re strong faith in God they believe anything is possible as long as they provide the footwork. Expect great things from these two; the sky is the limit.

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