Davion Titan, L3GION


Born in Washington, DC, independent recording artist Davion Titan started his career in late 2008 writing, recording, and engineering his first song “Do the Nerd” by himself. Joined with his fellow group members and friends (Jet-J and Hooded Love), Davion’s career began to go uphill. After 6 months of working with his group formally known as South Money, Davion and Hooded Love decided to take a different route with their music careers. In 2010 Krunch Boys Production was established by the minds of Hooded Love and Davion.

Even from a early age, Davion has been freestyle rapping with his older brother and writing his own verses. Over the years, the young emcee has relocated to many different cities. Those including Gaithersburg MD, Jacksonville FL, Columbia SC, Valdosta, GA, and more. This has not stopped his drive or motivation to be the next big name in the hip-hop world.

In 2011 Davion established the L3GION, a hip-hop collective. Joined with his brother Reid Yung, the two have expanded the brand of the L3GION eminently bringing in many artists and producers such as Zephyr, Khan, BSwift, 24k, and Rham. All artists actively pursue solo careers but get together often to work. Currently Davion has took the independent route and is working persistently to achieve his goal: spreading his sound to millions.

Official Website: https://twitter.com/daviontitan

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