Dat Nikka White Owl’s Music Sways Away From The Mainstream

Dat Nikka White Owl is stepping into the music biz with lit beats and lyrics. Add a stunning stage presence, this Alabama based artist’s style is unforgettable and undeniable. Locals dig this fresh style and the best is yet to come. Dat Nikka White Owl has a gusto about his work that goes unmatched to others. It’s that enthusiasm that’s the deciding factor for his eventual success.

This self-taught artist has had rapping in his dreams for years and is finally getting the chance to achieve it. Dat Nikka White Owl goes on to say, “I’m a very ambitious and forward artist. My music reflects how everyone else is singing the wrong thing and forgetting what real music is. It sways away from nowadays mainstream artists and brings back the way music used to be.”

He’s the winner of Pyschopathic Records internet radio station contest and along with his brother-in-law worked for three months getting his first mixtape complete. Now Dat Nikka White Owl is working on his first solo album titled High As Hell. “It’s been an ongoing project for the past 2 year due to my funding being cut short and lack of resources, but rest assured it’s coming,” he adds in.

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/m_a_d_aka_m80/sets/white-grape

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