Dari’on Lance, The Next R&B Music Mogul


Dari’on Lance, 20, born December 21, 1994, grew up in a household with two women, his mom and his older sister. He also spent a lot of time around his grandmother where he discovered a lot of his music including Michael Jackson, New Edition, Bobby Brown, and more. He began writing his own raps during the 7th grade and was told by his teachers, Mrs. Kayrouz and Mr. Gervasini, that one day he will be something big.

Dari’on’s music life began during the freshman year of high school in 2009. He went by the name of Yung Wrecless, or Yung Wrec as the people would call him. Later that year he began singing hooks on his cousin’s tracks and took it to another level. He let the rapping go and decided to go full time with singing. In the past 5 years he has performed at over 40 shows around Rhode Island and one show in Boston, Massachusetts. Look out for the next R&B music mogul, Dari’on Lance.

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/DarionLance


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