DAONE, Voice Of His Generation

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Lee Doris Gail Higgins and Glenford Belisle gave birth to rapper Maurice “DAONE” Belisle on the date of March 6, 1985 in South Central Los Angeles, California. Growing up with a grandfather who was a preacher and a grandmother married to one, music was always around him in his everyday life. Having the ear for music and knowledge of music came to easy to him. He was introduced to hip hop by his cousin, Von, who gave him a tape with rapper Eazy E rapping his legendary song titled “Boyz n’ the Hood.”

As DAONE got older he learned that freestyling and composing music always came natural to him and performing on stage was something that he really enjoyed. After graduating from Crenshaw High School in 2004, and seeing a lot of his friends dead, in jail, or fighting addiction he began to take music seriously in hopes that he can break the chain and create a more positive and successful lifestyle for himself. He knew he had the talent when his brother Marcus put him on the stage to rap battle at the BET awards pre-show and he won in the first round. Inspired by local rap artists in the industry, he picked up the pen and that’s where his career begin.

Later on he met a producer by the name of YS (Young Step) through a mutual friend name, Bolt, who is one of his best friends and business partners. Collectively they put money together and opened up their  first recording studio in Hawthorne, California and recorded his first mixtape titled “It’s My Turn.” Not knowing the outcome he released it to the streets and the feedback was great. Immediately they started to buy more studio equipment to make better music and he explained to them his visions and goals. So from that point on he continued to create music and be the voice of his generation.

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