Daniel Laurent, The Steven Spielberg of Boston Hip Hop


Daniel Laurent’s debut cd was recorded in two sessions of 3 hours each and spawned his most successful song to date, “MASSterpiece (The Anthem),” which went on to become the most requested single by a local or national artist according to WERS 88.9FM. It also got significant airplay on Hot 97.7, Jamn 94.5, and college radio stations in the New England region. The momentum continued when XM Satellite radio picked it up and added it to their The City radio channel generating interest in other markets.

Daniel has performed all throughout Boston booking colleges, generating mini tours in New Hampshire, performing at various clubs in New York City, as well as even doing an impromptu performance with a live band for Ms. Janice Combs (Sean Combs mother) for her birthday celebration. Writing his own treatments and being very instrumental in his video making process has made for some very interesting and buzzworthy videos. He chooses to go against the grain choosing dramatic or comedic visuals to help illustrate his storylines.

Daniel formed Self Made Entertainment to provide his own vehicle to release his own media unapologetic and without red tape. He just released his newest release, “Hustler’s Spirit: The Idea,” and has already shot 4 videos and will be shooting a fifth video by years end. Lead by “MASSterpiece 2.0,” Daniel is returning to the same grind and tenacity that garnered him attention in the first place. The song is an homage to his hometown and all that is has to offer from the films and television shows to educational institutions and hometown heroes.

Official website: www.daniellaurent.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/daniellaurentsme
Facebook: www.facebook.com/dlsme
Additional: www.itsmyurls.com/daniellaurent
Instagram: @daniellaurentsme
Twitter: @daniellaurent

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