Dan Magill, Helping Myself As Well As Others Through Music

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Raised in Northern Ireland, a country famous for decades of long violent conflict, Dan Magill found musical content he could relate to in the hip hop coming out of the United States. Realizing the power of music in helping deal with life struggles, inspiration set in and moved him to begin writing often deep and meaningful lyrics to help himself and help others cope with strenuous times. He’s been credited with helping many people struggling with mental health issues similar to his situation.

Since Dan began rapping 6 years ago he has built a fan base with the release of a mixtape, a studio album, and several music videos while performing at venues around his city. He also featured in the BBC documentary Rap Britannia with Charlie Sloth. The documentary explores the growing hip hop scene around the UK.

Dan’s music includes a wide variety of subject matter from global politics and local social issues to light hearted comedy tracks and hype songs demonstrating his versatility as an artist. His album Ambivalence can be found on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play while the young emcee’s music videos can be viewed on his YouTube page.

YouTube: @Dan Magill

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