Damond Blue’s Upcoming Project Will Exhibit Nothing But Creativity

Damond Blue2

Damond Blue is not a newbie in the professional recording and music industry. From the music production and dedication to the work and music, Damond Blue has definitely left a stamp in the music industry and community with cutting edge songs and lyrics. Do not sleep on the artist because the musician and entrepreneur might just have something up their sleeve that is purely unexpected.

After witnessing the death of a close friend, Blue decided that lifestyle was no longer for him and began to take his God given talent seriously. “I want a person to hear me on a song and automatically know it’s me after a matter of seconds. Nowadays everyone sounds the same and no one is unique anymore; I feel like I fill that void,” Blue reflects about his music and what he hopes to accomplish.

With features with Bun B, Jada Kiss, Fat Trel, and King Los, he’s racked up 5 million views for his hit single “Oh Baltimore” on World Star Hip Hop. His latest single is also in rotation on local Baltimore stations. Upcoming for Blue is an untitled project that’s chock full of creativity and great music. By year’s end he wants to be a signed artist.

Official website: www.damondblue.com
Soundcloud: baltimore-blue

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