Damion Jones, Doin what I’m Doin


Born in Calgary, Alberta and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Damion Jones grew up solely influenced on Tupac Shakur’s music. Damion began writing his own music at the age of 12 and adopted a street mentality at an early age often ending up in trouble. It wasn’t till he was 18 and was having his first son that he decided to focus more on music. He went full tilt in the music scene creating Steel Stack Records and teaming up with Steel City Rydaz. While being mentored by its members Chronz, Bowman, and Syckwun, Damion assumed the position as a promotion manager, publicist, and manager and as an artist with in Steel Stack Records.

In 2013 Damion decided to make a change and move to Calgary, Alberta. Focusing solely on his own career and life, he moved and started looking for his place in the Calgary hip hop scene. Quickly after arriving, Damion started working with 3 Entertainment and DJ Chapter signing on as their promotions manager and getting a 4 album artist contact. Damion has released a free EP called The Beginning which is all his older unreleased music from before joining 3 Entertainment.

In November 2015 Damion decided to go back on his own and take control of his own direction, music, and career. He’s working hard on his new album and he has released his first single “Doin what I’m Doin” which was playing on New York’s BKNY Rich Radio. His music style is very lyrically influenced by emotion, opinions, and experience. You can hear a lot of blues and jazz in his choice of beats with usually smooth samples.

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