Damien Nova, Changing Music Locally & Internationally

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Switzerland native Damien Nova first discovered his musical interest at an early age under the vocals of his classically trained mother. While attending Case Western Reserve University in Ohio his education was furthered in the craft of classical and jazz compositions. It was his passion for music that drew him into Cleveland’s jazz and poetry scene. The inspiration drawn from his creative counterparts carried him forward as he moved to New York City to further pursue his aspiration. Indulgence soon led him down a destructive path as he found himself addicted to prescription drugs, sex, and alcohol.

After immersing himself in the house music scene of NYC, Damien began cultivating his eclectic sound and released his first single “Sucky Sucky” under the name S!xx in 1998. Later in 2003 he teamed up with producer DJ Thumbs Up who helped launch his debut album Evolution. This very personal release delves deeply into his faltering faith, suicide attempt, and addictions. After a few unfocused albums in the early 2000’s, he released the European produced Luminous which lead to a lawsuit regarding his S!xx pseudonym. Adding Nova as his last name he re-released Luminous as a “Golden Edition” (with additional unreleased tracks) which landed him two Digital Korean Music Awards.

Throughout the span of his career, Damien has worked with the musical likes of Sandra St. Victor, Al Jarreau, and Vesta Williams lending his vocals to their live shows. Now, having battled colon cancer from 2011-2014, acquiring new management (James Brazil of J. Brazil Management), 13 self-produced albums, three European tours, and a fan base that has revealed themselves to be unwavering through his most unusual transitions, the fearlessly honest Damien Nova is ready to change the face of music in America and beyond.

Official website: www.damiennova.wix.com/damiennova
Soundcloud: @damien-nova

Twitter: @damiennova
Facebook: @namiendova
Instagram: @damiennova

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