Damez, Flight Crew


At a young age, after both parents were sent to prison, Damez moved with his two older brothers to Salt Lake City, Utah. Growing up alongside his brothers he became highly influenced by Rap music and effortlessly found a connection. He would watch his brothers and friends freestyle at home. He was quickly enticed and begin battling at school, parties, and even underage clubs by the age of 13. In no time, this is where he found his calling.

In high school Damez started recording in studios, but also discovered that he could make easy money. Tempted by this idea he soon began hustling. Before he knew it hustling became a full time job. He came to the realization that he could use his experiences in “the game” to fuel his writing. After a few years he rediscovered his love for Rap, gave up on hustling, and devoted his time and energy in a positive manner towards his music.

Today Damez is making a name for himself showing that his talent is unstoppable and persistently progressing. Re-energized, he began releasing new music and growing his fan base as an emcee with amazing lyricism and word play. Co-pilot and founder of the Flight Crew with Popeezy Tha Space Cap’n, it’s obvious that they are well on the way to something big and becoming a household name. As a signed artist of BEMG (BLOCK Entertainment Music Group), Damez is ready to deliver not only his talent, but also more of his unprecedented music to the world.

Official website: www.damezishiphop.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/damez-1
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Damez-1393561624270341
Facebook: www.facebook.com/damez.fc
Twitter: @damezfc
Instagram: @damezfc


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