Da Foundation, MoneyNevaSleepz

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Da Foundation was formed in the summer of 2009 and is composed of Mustaiin Lawrence, Mu Smoova, and Malcolm Lawrence, Mile Casso, whose individual styles complement each other with the same apex in direction toward success. The drive and pain that you hear and feel through their music has been ignited from football life and upbringing that dealt with pride discipline and self-respect which has played an importance their life journey.

Smoova was the first to move to North Carolina and not too long after Casso also felt it was time for a change and an experience other than New Jersey. Da Foundation went from open mics to winning showcases to headlining shows in a matter of months working with various booking agencies. The unique style they bring to the table fed their audience a non-bitter taste as they targeted audience can identify 100% with their music. The release of their project Alleyway to Broadway .1 Moneyball, produced by Dreez09 Productions and Don Mega (D-Block), was released on a small national scale racking up 70K+ impressions and is available on Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes.

As the duo moves up on the hip hop charts they receive free promotion from Reverbnation which landed them 200K+ views on the provided banner. Da Foundation is looking to release their EP title MoneyNevaSleepz on bigger scale. The duo feels they have what it takes to make a major impact on the music industry today. Nothing came easy to them, not even the 2,000 units sold on the streets. With dedication, faith, strength, and talent Da Foundation will be successful one way or another.

Official Website: www.alleyway2broadway.net
Twitter: @Da_Foundation
Facebook: @dafoundationmusic
Instagram: @alleyway2broadway
Soundcloud: @da_foundation


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