D.A. the Chi-Town Talent

Rude Boy Magazine

Artist D.A. was born DaAngela Shepherd in March 1994 in the city of Chicago. All her life she wanted to be able to make her own music and when she was old enough to get a summer job, she went to work. With all the money she earned and saved, she bought music materials and at the end of the year D.A had her own home studio where she now makes all her music. D.A strives to make her music inspirational, sending good messages to her peers. One thing D.A. doesn’t want to do on her way to the top is pretend she is something she’s not, she knows she has people who look up to her. Music is a big part of her life and she is very dedicated to make it big and make a change. D.A. wants to be a legendary  female rapper, making history.

Check out D.A. on SoundCloud at soundcloud.com/daangela-dreadhead-shepherd.

D.A. – Ballin

D.A. – Devil is a Lie Freestyle

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