D-prostylez, James 4:10


D-prostylez, born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a 22 year old with a bright future. D-prostylez is a musician and model who plans on being a certified personal trainer in the future. He has many different styles of music: Pop, R&B, Latin, Dancehall/Reggae, and Christian. D-prostylez is of Dominican descent mixed with native American/Asian/Argentinean. D-prostylez started his music career back in his sophomore year of high school he realized he wanted to pursue music after not playing football.

In 2011 D-prostylez opened up for freestyle dance legend George Lamond in Waukegan, Illinois. In 2012 D-prostylez released his hit single “Since When” produced by Dizzlad Production. In 2013 D-prostylez started appearing more in articles and music websites to get his music out there more. As 2014 D-prostylez became number one on Reverbnation on the singer/songwriter chart, the Latin charts, and the R&B/soul charts.

D-prostylez believes in staying humble is the key. He comes from a strong Christian background. He believes in his faith and he doesn’t judge anyone else. He plans to give back to kids with cancer, travel the world to help those in need, plans to expand his music career into modeling/fitness personal trainer, and graduate college with a marketing management degree. D-prostylez always stays humble in the sight of the lord and he will uplift you in James 4:10.

Official Website: http://www.reverbnation.com/dprostylez

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