Miley Cyrus And Justin Bieber Are Twins From Hell

Miley - Rude Boy Magazine

I think there is something really fishy about the two celebs and their existence here on planet earth.

Look at the solid evidence and judge for yourself (I know it’s crazy, but still funny). And I don’t think it’s growing pains.

1. They both cause a storm of destruction!

They are making the news for things that aren’t really positive wouldn’t you say?

2. They both set horrible examples for teens and young adults world wide.

I think this is a given, they definitely do not set a GOOD example right?

3. They both started out innocent to captivate children!

Ever notice their fans were acquired before all the demonic stuff going on? It seems like they were always demons, but had the plan to rapture at a certain time. And it goes in direct coordination with doomsday.

4. Justin Bieber is FOR SURE Miley Cyrus without make up.

C’mon! Seriously, c’mon!

Justin Bieber Mug Shot

5. Miley Cyrus is FOR SURE Justin Bieber with make up.

Again, this is not a co-incidence, there has to be some correlation between the two!

Miley Bieber

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