CrimCayne, Live Life


Wichita Falls, TX born and Dallas area resident, CrimCayne, originated his name from the words Crimson and Cayne, derived from Cain and Abel. Crimson red (one of his favorite colors) and Cain meaning, “give me an opportunity and I will slay it.” Ever since a child CrimCayne has indulged himself in music starting from drumming and piano under classical artist Robert Schumann.

As a fan of Hip Hop and R&B, he became a producer for local peers in middle and high school. People describe his style of producing as chill and melodic.Later after meeting a couple of friends and being put on the spot to freestyle, he decided to write his own rhymes to his own beats.

CrimCayne may sound like an odd name for an artist, but strange to an artist is normal in his opinion. He is an appreciative fan of every genre of music: Gorillaz, Yoko Kanno, Kanye West, Yo-yo Ma, Bèla Fleck, and Sevendust being just some of his favorites. Making music that makes you think while having fun is what CrimCayne believes in. His motto: quit bitching, work hard, live life.

Learn more about CrimCayne on his Official Facebook Page.

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