Corner Cafe Chronicles, True Musical Clarity


Corner Cafe Chronicles is a music act based out of Mumbai, India who thoroughly experiments with rock, grunge, blues, and folk sounds to produce songs with true musical clarity. Their act consists of Chinmay Patkar (vocalist, guitarist, and composer) and Rishi Nandy (guitarist, bass, and backup vocals). Their songs have received worldwide appreciation especially when they got The Akademia Music Award for the best hard rock song of September 2015.

Corner Cafe Chronicles is inspired by impactful and relatable day to day purgatories and epiphanies around them to produce a fresh sound which leaves an impact and a tribute to the era of rock n’ roll. The duo has received radio play in Los Angeles, London, Sydney, Houston, and in the UK at The Express FM under New in the HOUSE. They also been appreciated on The Bolder Beat, a website highlighting musicians in the USA.

Corner Cafe Chronicles presents a boundless journey of musicians as they breed creativity from experimentation with different genres to bring you music as real as it gets. What brings them the most joy are the upcoming songs to be released in March 2016.

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