Corey Shwayze, Revolution Ultra


Corey Shwayze is an underground hip hop artist out the Houston, Texas who strives to break the mold of the current hip hop artist. An avid comic book reader, he blends his love for comics as well as real world issues into his music to create his own style of conscious rap. This style focuses on the world around us, problems in the community as well as day to day issues we face in America.

Shwayze is joined by fellow Houston artists Judell Rome and J*Whit in this conscious movement. The three artists form a movement called Revolution Ultra and they’re often referred to as Brain Killers. The Brain Killer moniker is a tip of hat to the conscious movement, it’s the commitment to making intelligent, thought provoking music.

Shwayze releases his project entitled Urban Nerd in April and has already released the first single off of the LP via a video directed by Shootout films. The track is called “Gone’” and can be found on YouTube – better yet it’s being showcased today on RBL.

Soundcloud: coreyshwayze

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