Concepts Live 4 Ever


Unlike most groups and duos in the past and present, Conceptz brings a whole new package to the industry that will revolutionize the way people listen and heed to music. Using their conceptual word play and unorthodox rhyme schemes, Conceptz is changing the game and has paved the way for a new era of Rap/Hip-Hop while taking the Genre back to it’s roots. When you listen to their music, you will be able to visualize and envision what they are trying to get across in the title or concept of their songs. “As our style continues to modify, so does our craft.” Delivering distinguished singles and classic mixtapes/albums is a facile and effortless task for Short Fuze and HighRow. There is almost nothing that they cannot achieve and they plan to strive way beyond expectations.

Check out more about Conceptz and its members Short Fuze and Highrowglyphfix on their website You can also check out more of their music on SoundCloud at

Conceptz – The Purest One

Conceptz – Before Rap ft Lavish

Conceptz – Say What’s Real

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