Concept, Green Light


For Concept, music is a craft that he’s always had around and only began to take it serious when he turned 16. From that point on he’s released various mixtapes on Soundcloud and has been doing covers on recent tracks that are popular. One of these tracks is to Bryson Tiller’s song “Don’t.”

Concept has always found music to a way to express his inner thoughts and feelings to create the conscious music that he’s delivering today. His influences come from many different artists of different styles and backgrounds. He doesn’t just have one influence.

Concept’s Soundcloud is a thriving catalog. His most recent tracks include the “Rage” freestyle, “Threats” freestyle, and “No Limit” that’s produced by Ivory Bloc. We’re also featuring his striking visual for the track “Green Light.”

Facebook: @Concept-1528158127499371
Twitter: @Concept_LDN
Instagram: @_conceptofficial
Soundcloud: @concept_ld


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