Clyffe, Movin Round


Clyffe is a 20 year old artist and producer from Roanoke, Virginia who’s breaking his way onto the scene by dropping his first single “Movin Round.” Upon the release of “Movin Round,” he aspires to pave the way for others through the industry by showcasing new wave hip hop and all its glory.

The track “Movin Round” is part of an upcoming EP titled See Life From the Edge where Clyffe balances the use of harmony, catchy melodies, diverse lyrics, and modern beats to exhibit his abilities as an artist. Tony Fadd, the same person who brought us the infectious “Trap Queen” with Fetty Wap, produced the beat for “Movin Round”. Due to its highly danceable rhythm and catchy lyrics, this song is another one that begs for you to get up and start “Movin Round.”

Once you’re up and “Movin Round” you’ll be wanting to stay up to date with all that is Clyffe. Learn more about his journey by following him on social media and his website.

Official Website:
Twitter: @iamclyffe
Instagram: @iamclyffe
Facebook: @iamclyffe

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