Humility Is Part Of Clint Burns III’s Music

With a trailblazing style and epic stage presence, Clint Burns III’s music is standing out amongst others. The quality of the music and dedication put forth by this industrious artist is making a mark and impact on music culture. Soon enough, Clint Burns III’s music will be heard nationwide and internationally. Major moves are being made by this amazing talent.

The Montgomery, AL artist mentions when asked about what drives his music, “I enjoy creating different characters dedicated to hip hop. My passion is entertaining diverse crowds of all ages. I make sure there is always something the listeners can take from my projects to help enhance the quality of their lives.” Clint Burns III is truthful in his music and loves being vivid. Humility plays a great role in whatever project he’s working on.

Clint Burns III is working on a project that’s slated to be complete by this upcoming holiday season. With his thinking cap on, he’s been doing a lot of brainstorming and developing different personalities to reach a broader audience. “I just want to get my message to the masses by any means necessary. Overall, I just want to continue growing and learning as much as a can about the culture of hip hop and develop new ways to keep my fans excited,” he adds in.

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