Cjku$h, TexaCali

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Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Cjku$h grew up in the 3rd Ward Houston Community. He started freestyling with friends and family for fun as a kid. He was also raised around music, his grandmothers were a big part of creativity while mom was the strong back bone supporter. While one used to teach piano, the other grandmother kept him in touch with his artistic side.

Cjku$h started recording music at the age of 21, first in his cousin’s closet and then in an actual studio. He’s currently working on his first EP album called Drug Habits that’s an experiment showing off some rock and some hip hop sounds with a trippy type hippie psychedelic vibe but still intact with himself.

Cjku$h just dropped his second single from the upcoming album Addiction produced by TrackWhippaz also known as Bro Dini. It’s now available on iTunes and Apple Music. Today we’re featuring the visual for the track “TexaCali” featuring Mac Fame and Awkward Jay.

Facebook: @CjKuh
Soundcloud: @cjkush15


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