C.J. Green, The Rise of King

cj green artist

C.J. Green is a 19 year old lyricist from Atlanta, Georgia who’s trying to add a sense of substance to the game by telling stories about his life and the struggle of living every day in a crazy world. He illustrates everything from a much older and wiser point of view. “I put my life into my music. Everything you hear is from me. From the beginning of each song to the end. That’s what appeals with my current listeners and will allow me to gain more.” C.J. proclaims.

C.J. recently dropped his highly anticipated mixtape, The Rise of King, which gained notice from a few industry leaders. He plans to follow up the success of his mixtape with a 10 city east coast tour set to take place early next year.

The Rise of King: www.kunaki.com/sales.asp?PID=PX00X2M3PA&pp=1
Instagram: @cjgreentho
Twitter: @itsYaBoiCJ


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