Chyamon Shaman, Art Is Enlightenment


Known as Chyamon Shaman on all the major social networks, the self-professed music fiend craves making beats or listening to a good banger just as much as coveting for that early morning cigarette fix. For him even a classical symphony is a banger and he doesn’t exclude any possibility that will enable him to create new sounds and genres that will throw a monkey wrench into the game. Chyamon funks and dances the right way, and loves Hip Hop and trancing out. For him anything is possible when one is looking up and within. It’s how he chooses to win.

Photography is Chyamon’s right hand man, or art, and as his crafts progress there’ll be psychedelic slideshows available including his beautiful partner’s, Melissa LaFontaine, best works. Art is enlightenment and every creation matters.

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