Chuck Buck, It All Began 4 Months Ago


Who is Chuck Buck as an artist? He’s an artist who has been through one hell of a life for only being 23 years old. He’s an artist who bears the scars of life experiences but who also can remember the happy times in life. He’s an artist who only 4 months ago could not call himself an artist. This is his motivation, this is my passion, and this is who Chuck Buck is as an artist.

Even though his career is only in the beginning stages, his highlights have been the individual songs that’s created so far. He’s been getting positive feedback for with work through the social media world of Soundcloud, Twitter, and Facebook. He’s also been featured in 50 Cent’s online magazine

Coming up for the aspiring artist, is collab with Van Taylor at 310 Recording Studios in Pittsburgh, PA who will be producing Chuck Buck’s 1st official EP or mixtape. While the project goes into production you can check his current work on Soundcloud and your love and support.

Official Website:
Soundcloud: chuckbuck4real

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