Chrystel, Can’t Deny A Soukous Beat


A 21 year old artist dressed in self confidence and individuality, Chrystel is quickly on the rise. As a singer/songwriter, her music reflects an African/American born artist raised by immigrant African parents. With her Ivorian roots, a love for innovative sounds, and meaningful lyrics leading the way, Chrystel is already leaving her mark on the Atlanta music scene.

Raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, Chrystel has always had a love for music. As a child her parents kept an eclectic mix of genres in the house. “My parents had everything. From Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross and the Supremes, AC/DC, Garth Brooks, Faith Hill, and Eric Clapton just to name a few. All of that on top of all the 90’s to early 2000’s R&B, Pop and Hip Hop music is an incredible mix of influence.”

One of her biggest musical influences is the African music she grew up listening to. “My parents used to throw African parties when I was younger. To this day I can never deny a good Soukous beat.”

Artists like Koffi Olomide, Papa Wemba, and Pepe Kalle were the soundtrack to her childhood.

Chrystel is currently working on her debut EP entitled “Drowning.” A smooth marrying of influences that take an innovative approach, all while marching to the beat of the African drum, is the makeup of an exciting new artist.

Learn more about Chrystel on her Official Artist Website.

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