Choice, Raising Awareness Within The Community


Choice was born and raised in Washington, DC and grew up with a multitude of interests; however, spirituality and meditation always remained at the center of his heart and the driving force behind his passion. Although it began with poetry, he soon began to utilize music as a means of raising awareness through expression with the hope of inspiring mindful action.

Choice has worked with many reputable artists and companies including but not limited to Sony, Pastor Troy, Bizarre, and Lil Scrappy’s G’SUP Entertainment. He’s also opened for French Montana and Yung LA. Aside from success in music, he’s also a certified yoga instructor, meditation teacher, and peer mediator.

Most recently, Choice has released a new song titled “Back At It” hosted by Bizarre of D12. He is planning several projects geared towards raising awareness within the community on issues of drug abuse, homelessness, and the importance of mentors for troubled youth. Along with these projects, you can expect a lot more music and visuals to be released in the coming weeks/months.

Official website:
Soundcloud: @DefinedByChoice


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