CHiaMi, Uniting Our Audiences

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Buzzing underground about to break out is a 5 man rap group named CHiaMi (pronounced /shy-am-me/) from of San Diego, California. This quintet of rappers is redefining Hip-Hop with their own unique blend of delivery, flow, and style. Their underground flow is too noxious to be contained so they are bubbling to the surface with their latest mixtape “C4E vol.1” which is already creating quite a buzz and gaining fans.

CHiaMi, relatively new to the scene, was started a little over a year ago by the three founding members when My A.M.I. (originally from Miami), M.C. Baked Beans and Breeze (both from Chicago) met after being assigned to the same duty station at a Naval Base in San Diego, California. After meeting through mutual friends the three bonded instantly through their love of Hip-Hop and realized they had a common goal to be professional rap artists and so they created CHiaMi, which was a blend of the names of their home towns and a representation of their unique artistic collective. Not long after, they met the final two members: D Bling and Doc Ruckus from Los Angeles and Louisiana, respectively, to round out the quintet.

With a diversified sound spanning in influences from De La Soul to the Temptations, CHiaMi has created an intricate blend of humor, vivid imagery, and lyrical assault. Each member has a style and a distinction all their own and the group works together to foster the betterment of each member’s sound by featuring each member on various songs designed to highlight their individuality in not only lyrical delivery but in the music as well, which is mostly created by founding member My A.M.I. who is the group’s resident producer. Each member is given artistic reign to help shape the group’s budding sound from the windfall of creative expressions that they manage to unite into a solid symmetry of sound. Their objective as a group is to uplift, inspire, and unite their audiences by sharing their thoughts and experiences.

Look for CHiaMi’s mixtape’s “C4E vol.1” and “LoCal 4N_ERZ” available now. Visit CHiaMi on their Official Website to learn more about their music.

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