ChefDolo, Airplane Mode


Toronto recording artist and emcee ChefDolo was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on May 7, 1991 and raised in Miami, Florida. In 2012 she returned to Canada and settled in Toronto to build a brand, CheffysWorld, and launch a career as an artist. As co-founder, along with sister Rose LaRose, R.E.T.R.O. Inc is a movement with the basic ideology of building a brand in a unique type of way. ChefDolo comes from a musical family and has been involved with the craft since a youth. The sister duo first began with Ge3k and CloWn in 2009 performing music and skits.

In 2015 ChefDolo released her mixtape Cheffy Presents: Airplane Mode which was the outcome of returning to Miami to produce the project. The mixtape is available on Soundcloud, YouTube, and Datpiff. She’s also working with KweenMedia on the visuals.

As a Miami kid living in Toronto, ChefDolo plans on sharing her music and love around the world. She credits her team at R.E.T.R.O. Inc and fellow Sickhead Empire, LooLoo Nation, Team ENT, and 4DH for her emerging success.

Cheffy Presents: Airplane Mode:


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