Charismatic, Visine & Violins


Residing in Hot’Lanta and originally from Egg Harbor City, New Jersey, enterprising rapper Charismatic is a young artist who describes his music as non-detrimental rap. Writing his first complete rap at the age of 6 was the catalyst for his career that gained him a small following and served to fuel his passion. By his early teenage years he was performing at his local church on a weekly basis with the group The Nxt Generation comprised on himself, two brothers, and three cousins. Tragedy struck when his cousin was murdered during a rap battle causing Charismatic to halt his music aspiration and rethink his future.

Rapping didn’t completely fade away from his life though, he continued to rap and his name spread amongst his high school peers leading to several opportunities to perform live. Upon graduation he was set to attend film school in California, but due to finances he’d have to take a semester off enabling him to record a 13 track mixtape titled F–ked Up Kids and starting up a series titled Mixtape Mondays. With his music revitalized, the most pivotal moment in his music career occurred in November 2013 when he was robbed at gun point. Charismatic made a declaration that he would live life to the fullest and achieve his wildest dreams.

What ensued was a two year soul search, freestyling, and focus on perfecting his craft. With a knack for witty wordplay, positive vibes, and a passion for feeling good, Charismatic is more likely to tell you to be happy than to promote violence. He believes there is a possibility for world peace and intends to do his part through the spreading of his positive art. Be on the lookout for this dope new addition to the worldwide art scene. Charismatic’s album, Visine & Violins, is coming soon.

Twitter/Instagram: @Listen2Charisma


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