Charismatic, Driven Over Pressure Everyday


It all started with the birth of Charismatic in Queens, New York. He grew up in Jamaica, Queens (Cambria Heights) with his mother and sister while facing the hardships of living with one parent in a middle waged household. He later moved to Georgia to live with his father when the time arose. He frequently went back and forth to his hometown on holidays, including summer and Christmas. While in his early teenage years he first had dreams of becoming an NBA star but when he realized that wasn’t his God given calling, he took a different route. That was of rapping and artistry. He felt rapping was a way of spreading his undeniable lyricism to the masses.

Coming from humble means and a middle-waged household, Charismatic was always inspired to make it big and make more money than his nuclear family ever could so that he could change lives forever. He also has a vision to change the world and help people struggling all over the world to achieve what they’ve always wanted in their lives.

Charismatic’s latest mixtape D.O.P.E. (Driven Over Pressure Everyday) is available on Datpiff and boasts 16 tracks for your listening pleasure.

Instagram: @charismaticboss
Twitter: @charismaticboss
Facebook: @charismaticboss
YouTube: @charismaticboss
Soundcloud: @charismaticboss
Reverbnation: @charismaticboss

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