Chad Tha Dark Magician, Tougher Than Darkness


Chad Jackson, Chad Tha Dark Magician, is a military brat born in Honolulu, Hawaii who eventually moved to Houston, Texas. His first experience with music started in the 6th grade when he joined the school band as a trumpet player and continued throughout high-school. Coming from a musical background where his father was a rapper from the 90’s, it was only a matter of time before he would try his hand at creating lyrical flows.

In 2010, Chad started out making simple iPhone recordings of his lyrics, eventually recording them more professionally. With his interest in fantasy and his fascination with magicians, he eventually took on the persona in his music. Chad takes on the persona of The Dark Magician, magician of light trained in the darkness. His character is often seemingly dark, while making occasional references to bringing light into the darkness.

The idea is that in order for one to defeat darkness, one must be just as tough as or tougher than darkness. His lyrics are an equal blend of immodest convention, magic related terminology, and articulate verbose. Chad is currently working on his first mixtape called “Forms of Magic” which will feature rapper Koopsta Knicca from the south hardcore Oscar winning group Three Six Mafia.

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Instagram: @Chad_Tha_Dark_Magician

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