CEO Carter, Conquering Every Obstacles

Photo Shoot 2014

“Everything comes to him who hustle while he waits” – Thomas A. Edison

C.E.O. Carter, born Sherrod Miguel Carter, June 6, 1988 (80’s Baby), got his name from his desire to start his own casually-sleek unisex clothing line, but because of his love for music he decided to pursue his music career first. He decided on the acronym because of the journey that’s set before him would entail him to fulfill each letter of the acronym (Conquering Every Obstacles) to be successful in his endeavors. C.E.O. developed his passion for music at a young age and Heavy D was his favorite. With Heavy’s songs on repeat daily it soothed his desire to dance.

His journey began in the early stages of life and has taken him to many cities, states, and internationally. C.E.O. is no stranger to sharing the stage with national recording artists. He’s performed at The Legends Weekend in 2011 at an event in Gary, IN honoring Michael Jackson’s birthday celebration that included Jackson’s family and was streamed in 67 countries. Along with two released mix tapes, “One Up” and “Sweet Sixteen,” he has a new album set to be released fall of 2014 and was featured in one of Lansing’s hottest videos by Sway City.

Today, he has grown to become a very driven and passionate young man striving to leave a legacy of his talent and building a reputation that would be an inspiration to many young up and coming artists. C.E.O. Carter’s making moves to Conquer Every Obstacle.

Booking contact: Shirley Carter (517) 749-7001 or email:

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