Censor, Wearing My Heart On My Sleeve


Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, 21 year old hard headed Taurus Censor doesn’t let his looks fool others. He’s a bipolar schizophrenic with a history of sexual addiction. But nonetheless a good man with morals, manners, and respect for others who just love people a lot more than necessary.

Censor’s the type to wear his heart on his sleeve, but his mentality is set at mind over matter with focus that’s pristine on the true values of life and helping everyone get to a better place than they were yesterday and/or where they expect to be tomorrow.

Censor’s music is mostly motivational or transitional based on the common functionality of life and helping his fellow man be the change rather than just see the change. Music’s his passion, but his drive is world peace and his license is suspended; he can be rather reckless. But either way, come to his city and find out more about how he came to be the person he’s yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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