CAVICALIFORNIA is an American Hip Hop artist hailing from Hawthorne, CA, a southwestern district of Los Angeles County, who’s changing the game one seed at a time. He first got his start in the L.A. underground scene doing live shows before he ever had a record out performing at art walks, open mics around the city, and even opened up for other local underground artists. It wasn’t until he met PRNSLYATOMS through MGTV that they began developing a distinct sound that remained mainstream yet strayed from it. CAVICALIFORNIA’s style can be described as reactionary, as many describe his live performances, displaying a distinct energy compared to his records. When asked about his influences he claimed to admire the works of artists among the likes of 2pac, Redman, Master P, Ice Cube, and even O.J. Simpson.

In February 2015 CAVICALIFORNIA dropped his first release, L.A. Waters, which featured production from PRNSLYATOMS and porn star Kagney Linn Karter. His first record gained both him and PRNSLYATOMS significant recognition in their home town, enough to move forward with their career and even turn heads at the label. Since L.A. Waters he’s dropped an additional mixtape, Dump Ya N Da Riva, which ventured into a darker side of the beach cities.

CAVICALIFORNIA is co-founder of an experimental Hip Hop collective known as The L.A.M.E. along with PRNSLYATOMS. As of early 2015 he has collaborated on a project with MGTV’s album, Bin Laden’s Library, and is rumored to be working on a new album with producer PRNSLYATOMS. A compilation album was just released by the group in September which has received much positive feedback thus far.

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