Cassandra Michaels, Music Is My Gift


“I’m an artist by design.”

It is hard to imagine the talents of a pop superstar would be discovered in a small closet at a Christian school where secular music was prohibited. These aforementioned talents belong to rising pop princess Cassandra Michaels and there isn’t a closet, studio, nor stage that can adequately contain her genius. Singer/songwriter breathes from her spirit, passion is her persona, girl-next-door is her appeal, and music is her gift. These elements combined with the unwavering support of an A-List team with the Grammy nominations to match has Cassandra on a path that leads to the implausible promised land of pop stardom. Although Cassandra is unsigned, she has already secured a devoted fan base of more than 200,000 faithful followers that monitor her every move along this journey.

The Cassandra Michaels story is not one that begins from a long lineage of talented musicians. She isn’t the daughter of a musician, yet she is a child of art. From humble Midwest beginnings, Cassandra spent her youth mimicking the sounds of Saturday morning when her parents played artists like Celine Dion, Pat Benatar, and Heart in her presence. In those moments she found a present or an innate gift. Her life began to take shape as she danced with the Joffrey Ballet at age nine while simultaneously learning to play guitar and piano by ear. By the age of fourteen, Cassandra found strength and solace in the power of her pen as she began to script her lifetime in between the paper’s lines honing her songwriting skills.

With aspirations of creating her own lane through pop music, the Midwest native finds inspiration from the likes of industry heavyweights (Katy Perry, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Christina Aguilera). With her music video “Worth the Fall” garnering more than 300,000 views it’s obvious her fans believe she is more than worth falling for. Capitalizing off that success, Cassandra leaned on the talents of her expert team for her new single “Next to Me.” Produced by Ric Rude and Davix, written by Ro, and flawlessly executed by Cassandra, it’s no surprise why this song is already resonating with her growing fan base as they find themselves deeply rooted in Cassandra’s ascension. With a debut album, touring, and more in the works, we have only began to witness the rise of a new pop sensation.

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