Casper Cruz, An Honest Small Town Heart


Casper Cruz is diving into the ocean of hip-hop with a splash! We all know that lyrically deep hip-hop has lost its place on the radio. It’s been replaced by repetitive, catchy lyrics that keep your hips moving. Do you crave a message and meaning behind the lyrics of a song? Casper Cruz knows we can have the best of both worlds, music you want to move to as well as music with a story. Brought up in small-town Wyoming, this California boy at heart moved out to Southern California as soon as he graduated high school and it didn’t take long for Casper to realize his true talents and passion for music.

Speaking on topics like college life, family life, relationships, and even government conspiracy, Casper Cruz has at least one track for any type of hip-hop head. The newest face in the game isn’t alone either. In under a year of working by himself, for himself, and with himself, Casper Cruz has surpassed two thousand online/real world fans.

It’s easy to get hooked on this kid. He’s got an honest, small-town heart with a voice and the determination to change what we see as mainstream hip-hop. So grab a blunt and brew, and come kick back with Casper.

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