Carter Ace, Project Gemini


Carter Ace is a band of 6 young men that was formed by O’Niel Carter in 2014 before being founded by producer and now manager Trumal Darden (Homie Tay). The band is a unique band that really takes hip hop to another level. Their sound is very unique and confident. It’s taken two years to construct a sound that’s sure to catch the attention of new fans. The sound ranges from many different genres such as r&b, hip hop/rap, g funk, rock, pop, soul, jazz, and psychedelia. All songs are originals and written by Carter himself.

Carter Ace ranges in ages from 17 to 20 years. It’s a very, very humble group of young teens doing their thing. You can download their first released EP The Manhattan Project for free on their site. Their follow up project, the EP Project Gemini: Pollux & Castor, is also available.

Carter Ace is comprised of Carter (vocals), Fahem (guitar), Daniel (bass), Arshak (keys), Gio (drums) and Eric (dj).

Official website:
Soundcloud: @carterace
Facebook: CarterAceMusic
Twitter: @CarterAceMusic
Instagram: CarterAceMusic
YouTube: CarterAceMusic


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