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Travel to the city of Kankakee (outside of Chicago) and there’s not many who aren’t familiar with the “Clan.” Something like a hometown celebrity, Clan front man C-zar knows he still has a long way to go to achieve the national fame he knows he’s destined for, but he’s already putting in the work to get there.

He realized he wanted to be a music artist at a very young age and there were a few that encouraged his talents, but C-zar primarily credits his own determination and ambition to be something bigger. Like many hungry-new artists the basement, bedroom, and closet – whatever you could transform into a booth, became your recording sanctuary.

C-zar recorded his first full length track in his living room. He used a wire wrapped around a pole with a stocking over it as a pop filter and a computer mic that was definitely not intended for recording, but he did what he had to do to record his first release “Got That Loud?” featuring another prominent Kankakee artist, Nicky Bars. Shortly after, he was given the opportunity to perform for the first time at a popular club in Chicago called Adrianna’s.

Many artists have dreams of performing at famous venues, but with C-zar he would like to perform at any stage in the world in front of real fans that really rock with him. He does not care if it’s a house party or an arena. As long as his fans want to hear him, he wants to be there.

Growing up C-zar listened and looked up to hip-hop legends Tupac and DMX in hopes of following in their footsteps to become one of the greatest to do it. Patience is key and that’s fine. Organically, a lot of the Chicago and Midwest DJ Coalitions have been getting more in tune with C-zar’s music through real connections and the feedback has been notable.

In May 2012, C-zar collaboratively released “The Investment” mixtape with fellow Get Money Clan member, Nicky Bars, which can be downloaded on all major mixtape websites such as DatPiff and LiveMixtapes. This catapulted Get Money Clan’s already steadily growing buzz in their hometown.

Through much success with their 1st joint project they will release the follow up “Added Interest” (date to be announced). However, C-zar’s main focus right now is his debut solo project, “C-zar: Before the Glory.” With positive feedback from tracks like “Ain’t no stressin” and catchy street anthem “What I know” the prolonged anticipation has turned out to work to the camps advantage.

Management Company, Maven Monarch, has committed to booking a mini promotional tour this fall for the rising star to push the project’s singles. Date for release is scheduled for Fall/Winter 2014.
C-zar is looking forward to all around growth, creating more music, performing in more cities, less play time and more work. Never trust a man who doesn’t know what he stands for. Loyalty over everything means everything to C-zar. Respect.

Learn more about C-zar and Get Money Clan on their website at www.getmoneyclan.com.

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