C.Frank, Real Hop


C.Frank is an emcee from Chicago Heights, IL. He comes from a well rounded musical background. He found his love for music during his earlier years as a child from endless hours of watching his father mix records in the living room. At the age of 8 he wrote his first rhyme and has been writing rhymes ever since. It took C.Frank a while to get the concepts and the basics down, but once he got a hold on music he never let it go.

C.Frank uses music to express his inner-most-deepest thoughts and feelings that he never tells anyone. He explains that when you listen to his music you are listening to his raw emotions. He hopes that his music helps heal the life and minds of others as music has done for him. C.Frank additionally stated that music is life for him and without it he doesn’t know where he would be. He says he wants his music to be know as Real Hop.

C.Frank explains why he calls his music Real Hop, because it’s there’s nothing “hip” about what he’s saying. Everything he speaks comes from real life experiences or situations that occur on an everyday basis. C.Frank has only hit the tip of the iceberg and plans to do more for his local communities where he was raised in to show kids that there are many ways to live your dreams by sticking to what’s best and living an uncommon life. C.Frank would like to thank all of those who love and support his music and he promises to never let them down.

Official website: cfrankmusic.bandcamp.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/cfrank-2

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