C.Fields Completes Writing Process For Treatment


From rhyme, rhythm, and real reason, Florida’s C.Fields has made a dent in today’s music and entertainment world. The dedication is no less than the best and putting in the effort to make it to the big leagues won’t be a surprise in this case. Do not forget that when you hear C.Fields on the airwaves nationally or even internationally that we predicted the success.

“When asked what genre of music I do I usually have a hard time answering. Reason being, I specialize in no specific genre. My roots are definitely hip hop, but I have records that have pop/edm and alternative undertones,” explains C.Fields. Creating music is truly a spiritual experience for the visionary artist who refuses to be boxed in by the status quo and popular demand. That’s where his inner battle begins. Does he hold out for the right opportunity to innovate or does he settle on being the next major artist?

His solution’s not so simple, but C.Fields knows that at the end of the day he’s all about the music. His Bipolar Reloaded album sold 10K copies independently and was downloaded 1K+ times. He’s also the winner for best album and best rap/electronica song with the Akademia Music Awards. Most recent he finished the writing process for his next album Treatment and is now searching for the right producers, engineers, and studios to bring the project into fruition.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/CourtlandFieldsArtist
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/cfields

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