Brookfield Duece Gettin $tacks

Oakland rapper Brookfield Duece started rapping in 2004 with “Major Entertainment”, a label started by him and fellow producers Ducktape and C-Major with whom he released the album Brookfield, California. After turning a deal down from a company backed by Warner Bros, Brookfield took 6 years away from the mic and the stage to focus on family and talent development of other artists. After surviving a shooting in 2011, he began rapping again and started a collective of artists he calls “Street Academy”. Since then he has released three projects, 10 speed, Cutting Room Floor V.3, and Boondock Saints which has received more than 100,000 downloads worldwide. Brookfield plans on releasing 2 more projects this year, so look out for the next works by him and the rest of the “Street Academy”.

Check out Brookfield Duece’s mixtapes on Datpiff at and on SoundCloud at

Brookfield Duece – 10 Speed

Brookfield Duece featuring Damian Lillard – Champion

Brookfield Duece – Juice

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