Brizzno, Finding New Outlets


Eric Jones, 25, Brizzno (Lil’E) is originally from Detroit, MI by a way of Indiana and is not letting his past life deteriorate his visions nor dreams. It was up to E to create his own path and not let the struggle determine his future. At a young age he knew the only way to make his family’s situation better was to find a craft and become knowledgeable and master it; that craft would soon become radio and tv production. He attended the University of Southern Indiana majoring in Radio/Television. While obtaining his degree his colleagues introduced him to the rap world and began writing hooks and rapping under the moniker Young Cool. It was then he would form an alliance with his brothers under the name We Not Me. With a strong college buzz and a couple mixtapes under his belt, he began to grow a strong passion for music.

As the years moved on and We Not Me became a thing of the past he would later start his own label C.O.O.L. Music (Creating Our Own Limits) with his partner and brother Tee-C. They started a group called Brizznos and released two mixtapes under C.O.O.L. Music. As college graduation approached it was time for Lil’E to venture off on his own and start working on a solo project. Once graduated from USI he decided to take a huge step and move to Miami, FL to pursue his music career and find a job with his newly obtained degree.

With a whole new mindset and surroundings Lil’E had to find a way to prove that his decision to up and leave would lead to a successful career. Now working with the number one media company in the country, it is up to Brizzno to make waves in the music industry. With networks, new music, and new outlets Brizzno has a way to finish everything he started back in Indiana. Brizzno knows that his technique, his grind, his passion, and upbringing will open up doors he never thought would open!

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