Breezy, I Get Somewhere Even When Doing Donuts


Born Broc Jesch, Mr. BodySnatcher, Breezy is an American hip hop artist from Fort Wayne, Indiana who’s claiming to be just a marijuana activist. He’s a member of local rap group Villains alongside of fellow rapper JB. He’s been rapping, songwriting, engineering, producing, and mixing music since 2008 and even doing whatever it takes to make a career in the music industry. Even if Breezy is doing donuts, he’s going somewhere.

Breezy’s currently making an album; and collaborating with Potluck, Whitney Peyton, DJ Clay, Zig Zag, Lil Mic, Tizzle Hendrix, and many more. He was signed to TMG (Tate Music Group) in 2014 for one album and is sponsored by Rude Boy. More Breezy music, music videos, and website coming soon.

While we await the release of his album, Soundcloud is the place to listen to his music from 2015 that features popular Villains song “Too Many Girls.”

Mixcloud: @_Breezy_
Facebook: @Broc.Jesch
Twitter @BrocJesch


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