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B.O.S.S. Entertainment Group-Detroit is a full service multimedia production company that provides live performances, books, videos, online music, and book distribution; and out-of-box artistic expression.

B.O.S.S Entertainment Group-Detroit has been established since 2006 and also contains B.O.S.S Performance Group, an improvisational group and Blak.Ops.Connections LLC – a general artistic resource.

B.O.S.S, as a performance group, consists of a 2 person leadership with consistent membership of music producers, bass, drums, guitar, keyboards, and feature/background singers.

Core members include Terati Parris (drums) and Ten Williams (keyboards/kusical director). Feature producers include Confidential Ice (hip-hop and rock music producer), Oblique-jazz (R&B, Caribbean, reggae soul, and neo-soul head music producer) and Ominous (dance, house, pop, and electronica music producer). Feature performers include Camea Franklin (vocals), King Mellowman (vocals), and J-9 (vocals). Additional participants include Milton (guitar), Marcus Gonzalez (guitar), Asim Khan (trombone), Ken Ferry (trumpet), and Matt Lemmons (drums).

These members have a diverse experience and appearance around the entire world including Carnegie Hall (New York), Hollywood Bowl (California), Palace of Auburn Hills (Auburn Hills, MI.), Cobo Hall (Detroit, MI.), Teresa Carre Cultural Complex (Venezuela), Petrassi Hall (Italy), and many other locations.

B.O.S.S Entertainment Group-Detroit as a brand is here to present a no frills, no flash, authentic artistic and diverse expression.

B.O.S.S.E.G-Detroit produces and performs various genres of music ranging from Caribbean, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Pop, and Dance, and many others.

We also have many affiliates that we present such as Roots Vibrations (a Caribbean pop and reggae band from Detroit, MI.) and King Mellowman and Mellow Runnings (a Caribbean soul, R&B, and pop group from Detroit, MI.)

For more information about B.O.S.S feel free to contact B.O.S.S Entertainment Group-Detroit, B.O.S.S, or Blak.Ops.Connections at Musicpage, Facebook, Soundclick, YouTube, Google us: Blak.Ops.Connections B.O.S.S. Entertainment Group-Detroit or email us at bossentertainmentgroup@yahoo, or call at 313-528-9677.

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