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Borgia Beats

Born in the suburbs of Paris at Aubervillers, France, Borgia M’bala, Borgia Beats, left his home country at the age of 15 to pursue his education in Florida at The Rock High School for 3 years. He went on to graduate from Bluefield College in West Virginia with a Bachelor of Business Administration.

Using the ever popular iPad, Borgia Beats began making music a year ago and now finding and developing that sound that is sure to set him apart from his contemporaries. His debut mixtape, A, is available on Live Mixtapes and is tandem with unsigned Cleveland, OH artist Keenan Rainer. The follow up was sole beat tape. He’s been on sites like IndieNAtion and Beatzmaking for his talents and beat making videos.

Borgia Beats started getting noticed by artists in his home country, but also out in the USA, and his goal is to keep attracting people to his music and to build a bigger clientele.

Official website:
Soundcloud: borgiabeats
Instagram: @borgiambala
Twitter: @borgiambala
Facebook: Borgia M’Bala (Borgia Beats)
Snapchat: BorgiaBeats
YouTube: Borgia Beats

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