Boreas Alive, Then N Now


Boreas Alive, born February 15, 1985, is a quick spitting artist who’s has incredible timing and a flow that mesmerizes your ears. He started writing and rapping at age 12 after hearing Bone Thugs-n-Harmony’ hit album E. 1999 Eternal. Originally known as Big-T, Boreas spent many years honing his art before being featured on his first track in 2010 with rapper D.V.O Tha Ghost. He teamed up with longtime friend Lil-t and joined Maniax Unltd. and released the Gimme da Crown mixtape in 2013 and opened for Swollen Members.

After a hiatus and rebranding, Boreas changed his name to Boreas Alive and has since released some singles online and has recently been collaborating with artists internationally and several out of the U.S. He’s currently getting ready to release his first CD as Boreas Alive titled Then N Now.


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