Bon-B, Keeping His Head Up


Born Steven Randall on February 7th, 1988, Bon-B is one of the many new upcoming artist on the Oklahoma Hip-Hop Scene. Bon-B is a rare breed from Oklahoma given he is Native American. He was born into the struggle having his mother and father leave him to his grandmother when he was just a few days. She proudly took him in and adopted him as her own. Bon-B had to grow up quick seeing his grandmother work two jobs to support the family. She was hardly home, so Bon-B took to the life in the streets early.

Being the only kid in the family at his age, he stayed secluded to himself turning to music for escape. He listened to various types of genres in the 90s before falling in love with Hip-hop hearing 2pac, Geto Boys, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Dr.Dre, and Biggie. Through his music, Bon-B tells his life stories of growing up on the streets and having to do for himself at early age. Bon-B’s story is one of will to never give up no matter how hard the struggle may get to strive for better and keep your head up.

Still working on new music every day, Bon-B still has yet to drop an official mixtape or exclusive video but is in the process of doing both projects soon. Be on the lookout for this new upcoming artist of Oklahoma

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