Bobby P Whitfield, A Painter For The Blind


Bobby P Whitfield is an artist who tells stories with his lyrics and paints pictures with his beats. His music reflects experiencing, overcoming, and rejoicing the struggle. As many of his influences (Outkast, Goodie Mob, and Organized Noize) have done before him, he sheds light on a dark world. Dungeon Family’s own Backbone became so impressed with Whitfield’s skills that he recruited him for Dungeon Family Generation X as an artist.

“I’m that ‘nigga’ that makes music. While you’re reading this, I’m climbing through your living room window to steal all the whack ass albums in your collection and slangin’ them into the Chattahoochee River.”

Whitfield’s an artist for the people and the voice for the everyday man. He’s a painter for the blind. He creates music simply because he has to. You can stream and download his album Me & You, YO MAMA, AnYo Cuhzin II on Audiomack and see how wide open he opens your ears’ eyes.

Instagram: @1mrbobbypwhitfield
Twitter: @BigWHITFIELD
Facebook: @Bobby P Whitfield
LinkedIn: @Bobby P Whitfield
Audiomack: @Bobby P Whitfield
Soundcloud: @bobbypwhitfield


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